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Tiffany & Co. Arsham Studio Pokemon Pikachu Pendant Necklace Sterling Silver Diamond #64030

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Tiffany & Co.× Arsham Studio × Pokémon Pikachu Pendant Necklace Oxidized Sterling Silver Diamond #64030 International Free Shipping -Description- Brand: Tiffany & Co.× Arsham Studio × Pokémon Style: Necklace Material: Sterling silver, Diamond Length (approx): 18.1inches / 46cm Motif dimentions (approx): W4.7×H9.1inches/W12×H23mm Accessory list: Original case, Original box, Original shopping bag Control No.: 64030 -Condition- Overall: NEVER-USED, M (MINT CONDITION) M: Mint condition never used (may have been used as display item) S: Excellent condition (may have tiny scuffs, scratches or stains that aren't visible) SA: Very good condition with tiny scuffs, scratches or stains A: Good condition with some scuffs, scratches or stains AB: Used condition with some damage B: Used condition with obvious damage in need of repair PLEASE REFER TO THE ITEM PHOTOS Please note: Customers are responsible for any Customs Duty that maybe charged.

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